NDP Consideration and Consultation by Herefordshire Council

Following approval of the Submission NDP by the Parish Council, the NDP has been submitted to Herefordshire Council. They will now be responsible for the rest of the NDP process but will keep us fully informed as to its progress. We will provide commentary and links into Herefordshire Council’s website on this page.

Regulation 16 Consultation

Herefordshire Council are running a Regulation 16 Consultation on our NDP from 27th March to 8th May 2018. If you would like to make a comment in this Consultation, please click the following link into their website.

Ocle Pychard Group NDP


Regulation 16 is now complete. The Herefordshire Council report can be found here Part 1 and Part 2. The conclusions are reproduced below:

Officer Appraisal

This plan has met the requirements of the regulations as set out in the table above. All the requirements for regulation 14 were undertaken by the parish council and all the required documentation was submitted under regulation 15.

No major concerns have been raised from neither internal nor external responses with regards to the ability of the plan to meet the required minimum proportional growth contributing towards the deliverability of the Core Strategy. Therefore the plan is considered to meet the general conformity requirements of the Core Strategy and comments are generally supportive.

External responses from technical bodies such as Historic England, Natural England, National Grid, Coal Authority, Environment Agency and Welsh Water have raised no objection to the Regulation 16 draft plan.

There were six responses from residents, which expressed a mixed response of concern over both sustainability and environmental impact of the plan, amendment of settlement boundary post Regulation 14, aspects of proposed development and site selection.

Assistant Director’s comments

Decision under Regulation 17 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.
The decision to progress to appoint an examiner for the above neighbourhood plan has been Approved.

Therefore Herefordshire Council confirm that our NDP can now progress to the independent examiner. It’s worth repeating that, in particular, they feel that our proposal of 48 dwellings is enough to fulfil our the target given to us of at least 36 dwellings.


The next stage of the NDP process can be found on the Independent Examiner page.

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