NDP Submission to Herefordshire Council


The Regulation 14 Consultation was completed at the end of last year. The comments have been gathered, our Planning Consultant has provided responses and any amendments arising to the NDP.

This NDP is now the one we will ask the Parish Council on March 20th to approve for submission to Herefordshire Council.

After submission, the NDP process is driven by Herefordshire Council. They will keep us informed as to what is going on and we will report it at Parish Council meetings, in the Community Newsletter and on this website. They will provide a six week Consultation (Regulation 16) in their process so if anyone wants to make comments on the submitted NDP they can do so.

Reading Matter

The most important document is the NDP itself.  However, the NDP procedure asks us to provide a suite of documents:

  • Submission NDP.
  • Consultation Statement. This is a document that describes how the NDP was produced. The independent examiner will be able to see how it was all put together. Consultation Statement Part 1 runs from the start of the NDP and Consultation Statement Part 2 covers Regulation 14 in particular. The Regulation 14 comments, responses and NDP changes are contained in Appendix 2 of Part 2.
  • Basic Conditions Statement. The process of producing an NDP is governed by guidance contained within the National Planning Policy Framework. This document shows that our NDP has been produced with appropriate regard to the guidance.
  • Environmental Reports. As part of the Regulation 14 process Herefordshire Council prepared environmental reports confirming that the NDP does not conflict with any countywide environmental issues. The Environmental Report and HRA Report have been updated to take account of any changes made to the NDP.

There are also some maps that we need to submit:


Next Step

On March 20th the Parish Council approved these documents for submission to Herefordshire Council. The next step is on the Consideration and Consultation by Herefordshire Council page.


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