NDP Regulation 14 Consultation


The Parish Council approved the draft NDP at their September meeting. This means that we can proceed to the Regulation 14 Consultation.

This consultation allows many people who may be affected by the NDP to inspect it and return any comments they feel are appropriate. It will be widely distributed: Regulation 14 Consultation List.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan Regulations insist that this consultation be at least six weeks long. Our Regulation 14 consultation will run from 1st November 2017 to 31st December 2017. This allows 8 or 9 weeks, allowing people plenty of time for consideration.

Reading Matter

The most important documents are the NDP itself and the Comment Form. If you need more comment forms they can be printed from the one below. The NDP explains how to submit the form once it is completed.
Draft NDP 2017 (Regulation 14)
Regulation 14 Comment Form

Those are the main documents to look at. However Herefordshire Council have prepared environmental reports confirming that the NDP does not conflict with any countywide environmental issues:
Environmental SEA Report
HRA Report

How it developed…

For anyone who wants to see how the NDP was developed and took its shape, the following events and documents illustrate its life:
Interactive Open Day. In it to pin it!
Residents’ Questionnaire
Call for Sites
Housing Site Assessment
Revised Housing Option
Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan
Steering Group Meetings

Consultation Comments

This Consultation Log shows the comments that have been received. It will be updated throughout the consultation period.

Consultation Review

The consultation is now complete. All the comments have been collected and have been reviewed by our Planning Consultant.

They have been gathered together with responses and any proposed amendments arising to the NDP. These can be viewed in Appendix 2 of Consultation Statement Part 2.

Three of the comments were made by site owners in reference to potential development on their sites in Burley Gate. In particular, a new site was proposed.

Part of the NDP process is that we must give due deliberation to all suggested sites. So at the January Parish Council meeting we asked our Planning Consultant to look again at the options at Burley Gate. His report can be found on the Housing Site Assessment (Addendum) page.

Next step

Now that the comments have been reviewed and amendments made to the NDP, the next stage is to ask the Parish Council to approve the changes to the NDP. This is described on the NDP Submission to Herefordshire Council page.


4 thoughts on “NDP Regulation 14 Consultation”

  1. Following consideration of the Consultation comments and responses, we think the rationale is clear and consistent in the identification of the housing sites, and accords with the scope of the NDP. This combines with a good assimilation of comprehensive and diverse public feedback to confidently provide the required housing, recognising the potential and welfare of the villages and surrounding countryside.
    This website has been excellent in informing readers and documenting the whole process.

  2. If Herefordshire Council, in their role as planners, are not legally bound to abide by this Neighbourhood Development Plan, what is the point of it all? How can anyone be expected to contribute if it has absolutely no meaning or value?

    1. The NDP has significant meaning within the planning process. It is the local tier of the statutory planning framework:

      National: National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)
      County: Herefordshire Local Plan, Core Strategy
      Local: Neighbourhood Development Plan.

      This statutory planning framework governs the development and use of land in the area. When planning applications are made, they must be decided in accordance with this framework unless there are overriding circumstances to the contrary.

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