NDP Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan

This page illustrates how the Draft NDP was developed. It is now at the Regulation 14 Consultation stage. This will run from November 1st to December 31st. To find out more about this consultation (including the Consultation version of the NDP), please go to the Regulation 14 Consultation page.

At their August meeting, the Parish Council adopted the Revised Housing Option. This is the document that focuses the community discussion on the contents of our NDP.

This adoption means that our planning consultant can now create our draft NDP. It will be presented at a public meeting at the Burley Gate Village Hall.

The CONFIRMED date is Tuesday September 12th at 8pm.

Here is the first draft which will be presented: Draft NDP 2017 v1 

Following this meeting some minor changes were made. To save you having to compare the two versions line by line, here are the sections that have changed:   3.16 (changed), 3.20 (added) and 4.5 (changed).

Draft NDP 2017 v2 is now the second version.

These two versions shown above are intermediate versions. If you want to see the LATEST version go to the Regulation 14 Consultation page.


This latest draft (v2) has been sent to Herefordshire Council. They need to check that certain county-wide restrictions are not being contravened. These are in the areas of Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA) and Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA). More details of these can be found on the NDP References page.

Parish Council

This latest draft (v2) will be sent to the Parish Council and they will be asked to approve it for the purposes of pre-submission consultation and publicity, in accordance with Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

The Parish Council received the draft and discussed it at their September meeting. They have approved it for the purposes of pre-submission consultation and publicity.

Public Consultation

Having been approved by the Parish Council, it will be distributed to every household in our parishes. At that point there will be at least six weeks for public consultation, during which residents can feed back their comments to the Parish Clerk.

The term Regulation 14 Consultation has been used at some meetings. For clarification, that is the NDP buzzword for this public consultation.

More detail about the consultation can be found on the Regulation 14 Consultation page.

2 thoughts on “NDP Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan”

  1. Having read the draft NDP, attended the presentation and considered the discussion at the Steering Group meeting on the 12th September, we would like the Parish Council to approve the Draft NDP going forward for distribution and consultation. We have no further comments to add at present to those we have already made on the website.

    Given the dissolution of the Steering Group following the effective conclusion of its role (draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting on 1st August), we would like to express our thanks to Dr David Nicholson for producing a draft NDP which in our view is fair and balanced, in considering the interests of the constituent communities and protection of the environment. We have been to most SG meetings since its formation over a year ago and have seen the hard work carried out by key members of the SG all through that period. In particular, we have appreciated: the welcoming and democratic opportunities for parishioners to participate at every stage and in multiple ways as coordinated by Richard Leitch; the project management, including the superbly structured and easy to use website with comprehensive information and means to give comments and receive replies on each stage, which all can see, by Simon Harmsworth; and the administration including excellent notes of meetings and communications by Pam Harmsworth.

    Judith and Alan Debenham

    1. Thank you for your comments.
      The Draft NDP will now go to the Parish Council for approval. It will also go to Herefordshire Council. They need to confirm that it does not contravene any county-wide environmental and habitat restrictions.
      If it gets both those approvals it will be printed and distributed to our residents. They will have a period of at least six weeks to study it and, if they want to, can feed back comments. These comments will be considered when creating the next iteration of the NDP.
      For more detail about how the NDP will proceed, please look at The Path Ahead.

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