NDP Revised Housing Option

The Housing Site Assessment formed the basis of community discussion on the sites that should be used for the NDP.

The results of this discussion are focussed and are presented in the Revised Housing Option.

Revised Housing Option

At their latest meeting, the Parish Council adopted the Revised Housing Option and asked our planning consultant to use it as the basis for the draft NDP. This can be found on the Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan page.




2 thoughts on “NDP Revised Housing Option”

  1. We have the following comments on the Revised Housing Option, considering the steering group discussions of the Housing Site Assessment:

    Dr David Nicholson has skilfully produced an option which is well presented and balanced in consideration of the various feedbacks received. It is a good solution for inclusion in the draft NDP. Given the information and advice on the potential of the Monkton site given at the steering group meetings, we believe that the option gives a high level of confidence that it would deliver at least the minimum housing requirement. This opinion is based on a consideration of the possibility that some of the sites in Ullingswick may not proceed to planning approval.
    Accordingly, the draft NDP should contain a proposal for modestly priced 2 and 3 bedroom houses on Site 2, consistent with the clear feedback in the two questionnaires. Only site 2 is required in the OPGPC part of Burley Gate.

    Alan and Judith Debenham

    1. Thank you for your comments.
      The Revised Housing Option will now be presented to the Parish Council for approval. If it is approved, David will proceed to generate the Draft NDP. This will be distributed to everyone in our parishes for public consultation.

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