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  1. OPG6
    I am disappointed that Upper Town and Lower Hope , Ullingswick have both been identified as having the potential for around 10 infill sites. The fact that any development will be in keeping with houses in the area means any development will not be particularly picturesque or characterful or suitable for first time buyers. I would prefer to see more housing association/social housing as I have never believed in the efficacy of so called ‘affordable housing’. It’s impossible to protect it from market forces to make it affordable for the kind of young familes we need to stay in or move to this area to work and live.

    I’m glad to see the document recognises the way the residents value the local landscape.


    I’m glad to see the commitmnt to ensure development fits in and doesn’t damage local amenities.
    I’m glad to see a commitment to boost the local economy where possible
    I’m particularly glad to see the commitment to keep exterior lighting to a minimum and to avoid light spillage.

    1. Thank you for your comment. It will be put in the Regulation 14 Consultation Log on the website. Once the consultation period is complete, all comments will be assessed and appropriate changes will be made to the NDP. At that point we will give you the feedback relating to your comment.

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