NDP Housing Site Assessment

Call For Sites is now complete

All those who wanted to put forward a site to the NDP have done so. Our planning consultant is now analysing the thirty-two sites for which submissions have been received.

There will now be public meetings at the Burley Gate Village Hall for him to present his recommendations, and everyone is welcome to attend.

Tuesday 23rd May at 8:00 pm.

The consultant will present his recommendations and this will lead to an open questions session.

Saturday 10th June between 3:00 and 6:00 pm.

This will be a free-form session so please come along at any time that is convenient. The sites and recommendations will be displayed and questions can be asked. Refreshments will be available.

His initial recommendations, DRAFT Housing Site Assessment Rev A, are available here.

This has been updated by removing paragraph 5.8 which was suggesting that the village hall may move. The new HSA is available here, DRAFT Housing Site Assessment Rev B.


Housing Site Assessment Questionnaire

At the Open Day on June 10th, a questionnaire was given out for people to contribute their opinions on the HSA. The questionnaire and the results can be found below:
HSA Open Day Questionnaire Form
HSA Open Day Questionnaire Results


The findings from the HSA are focussed and are presented on the Revised Housing Option page.


2 thoughts on “NDP Housing Site Assessment”

  1. I have the following comments on the Housing Assessment report Rev B:

    1 . Consistent with Section 4.1, the discount (25% in Rev B) in the number of potential windfalls to allow for uncertainty in their coming forward with planning permission, as well as including those on the J&B site as in Table 7, should be justified in context in the report.

    2. This uncertainty will need to be taken into account in establishing, conservatively, an optimum number and location of houses in Burley Gate.

    3. The settlement boundaries for Ocle Pychard and Ullingswick appear to be in accord with most of the public feedback in the questionnaire and flag reports

    1. Thank you for your comments on the Housing Site Assessment.
      David, our consultant, is now considering all the community feedback we have received in the year or more the NDP has been running. The most recent is, of course, from the Housing Site Assessment. He is producing a Revised Housing Option which will focus everyone’s responses. Once it is complete it will be published on the Revised Housing Option page of the website.

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