NDP The Path Ahead

The NDP will take a reasonable time to complete.

This page shows the expected timeframe for it.


Ocle Pychard Group Parish Council chooses to create an NDP16 February 2016
Neighbourhood Area for Plan accepted
The area covers Ocle Pychard, Felton and Ullingswick parishes
03 May 2016
Public Meeting to introduce NDP to parishioners
Many parishioners turned out to learn about NDP
03 May 2016
Grant application submitted and acceptedAugust 2016
Public Interactive Open Day
In It to Pin It!
30 July 2016
All parishioners can put their own perspectives on the NDP
Autumn/Winter 2016
Call for Sites
Site owners can put foward their sites as possible development sites.
Winter/Spring 2017
Housing Site Assessment
Select which sites to use.
Sites will be selected only after consultation with the parishioners
Spring/Summer 2017
Revised Housing Option
Refinement of the Housing Site Assessment, focussing the plan
Summer 2017
Consultant drafts NDP documentSummer/Autumn 2017
Approval of Draft NDP from Parish CouncilAutumn 2017
Submit to Herefordshire Council for SEA/HRA report
Autumn 2017
Review of draft NDP by:
Residents of the Parish
Employers in the Parish
Herefordshire Council
Environment Agency
Welsh Water
Autumn/Winter 2017
Consultant redrafts NDP following reviewsWinter 2017/18
Submit to Herefordshire CouncilSpring 2018
Consideration and Consultation by Herefordshire Council. REGULATION 16.Spring/Summer 2018
Examination by independent examinerSummer/Autumn 2018
Referendum for all Parishioners
The NDP cannot be adopted unless a majority of parishioner voters accept it at a referendum
14th February 2019
Adoption of NDP18th March 2019


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