NDP References

There are many guidelines and documents that the NDP must conform to. Other documents  are generated during the development of the NDP. This page contains the more important references.

Terms of Reference

The NDP operates to a set of Terms of Reference.

Herefordshire Council’s Core Strategy

Neighbourhood Development Plans need to conform to Herefordshire Council’s Core Strategy which lays down planning regulations which apply to the whole of the county.

The references below point to Herefordshire Council’s website showing the area in which the Core Strategy is discussed. It is a weighty document and gives more information than is required to understand our NDP. The most interesting section for us are pages 103-116 which discuss Rural Areas.

Details can be found here:
Document: Herefordshire Council Core Strategy
More reference: Herefordshire Council Core Strategy

Strategic Planning Policies

Neighbourhood Development Plans must meet a set of basic conditions in order to proceed to the referendum and be made.  One of these is that the Plan is in general conformity with the strategic policies contained in the development plan for the area.  In Herefordshire, this means the policies of the Herefordshire Local Plan Core Strategy 2011-2031, adopted by Herefordshire Council (HC) in October 2015.

Details can be found here:
NDP Strategic Planning Policies

Evidence Base

The following planning policy documents, reports, survey material and other sources of information have been identified for use in drawing up the draft Ocle Pychard Group Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Details can be found here:
NDP Evidence Base

Habitat Regulations Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment

This Initial Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Screening has been undertaken to assess whether any European sites exist within or in proximity to the Neighbourhood Area which could be affected by any future proposals or policies.

Details can be found here:
NDP Ocle_Pychard_Group_SEA_HRA
NDP SEA A1 Ocle Pychard Group
NDP SEA A2 Ocle Pychard Group
NDP SEA A3 Ocle Pychard Group
NDP SEA A4 Ocle Pychard Group

Residents’ Questionnaire

In order to get community opinions a questionnaire was circulated throughout Ocle Pychard, Ullingswick and Felton during November of 2016.

Details can be found here:
NDP Questionnaire
NDP Questionnaire Results Report
NDP Questionnaire Comment Listings

Housing Site Assessment Questionnaire

At the Housing Site Assessment Open Day, a questionnaire was given out for people to contribute their opinions on the HSA. The questionnaire and the results can be found below:
HSA Open Day Questionnaire Form
HSA Open Day Questionnaire Results


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