NDP Neighbourhood Area

As most NDPs are organised by Parish Councils the logical Neighbourhood Area is the area covered by the parish. This is the approach recommended by Herefordshire Council and most NDPs in Herefordshire have adopted it.

Consequently, our Neighbourhood Area consists of our three parishes. It has been approved by Herefordshire Council as suitable for our NDP.

Following a parish boundary does create some oddities. The most noticeable is that of Burley Gate which lies partly in Ocle Pychard Parish and partly in Much Cowarne Parish. Similarly there are a few houses in  Ocle Pychard village which are also in Much Cowarne Parish.

Our NDP will only cover land in our Neighbourhood Area but views of close neighbours will always be welcomed.

Land in neighbouring parishes will either be handled by that parish’s NDP or, if it is not organising one, by the Herefordshire Council’s provisions.

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