NDP Overview

The planning process in Herefordshire, as in the whole country, is being changed to allow easier development of more housing. Herefordshire Council has identified Ocle Pychard, Ullingswick and Burley Gate as villages which have scope for development.

Ocle Pychard Group Parish Council (OPGPC) wants local input as to how such developments will be planned and permitted.

OPGPC is going to produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) in partnership with Herefordshire Council. It builds on the existing Parish Plan and, once it is complete, the NDP will become part of the legally binding Planning Policy which will be applied to any planning developments within our parishes.

The NDP will truly only be of value if our parishioners are able to make their contributions, and they feel that it reflects the local concerns within our community.

What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

For a government view of NDPs, click here.

For the Herefordshire Council view of NDPs, click here.

The production of the NDP will be a lengthy process. An idea of what needs to be done and estimated timescales can be found in The Path Ahead.


4 thoughts on “NDP Overview”

  1. Hello. As you are aware I would like to develop my land in Ocle Pychard. I was unaware of the call for sites that took place over the last winter and this spring. However I would like my land to be included in the Neighbourhood Development Plan please.
    My land is the field to the east of Holme Copse and Brick House, Ocle Pychard. Thank you.

    1. The NDP is at the Regulation 14 Consultation stage.
      The Parish Council Chairman has sent you an email which explains this in more detail.

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