NDP Call For Sites

The next stage of the NDP process  requires us to identify land which has potential for new housing and other uses up to 2031.  We are particularly interested in sites for new housing which are within or adjacent to the villages of Burley Gate, Ocle Pychard and Ullingswick.

Land must be within our Neighbourhood Area, which is also the area covered by our three parishes.

Anyone with land which meets the above description and who would like it to be considered within the Plan is asked to register this interest with us.  Please do so using the Site Submission Form, available on our website (see below).  This will give us the information we need to make sure your site is properly assessed.   Not all sites will be necessary or acceptable.

Send your completed Site Submission Form to Henry Howland, our Call for Sites Coordinator, by 31 March 2017 – his contact details are on the form.

If you have already been in touch, we will be writing to you with a copy of the Submission Form to collect the necessary details.

The sites notified to us will be professionally assessed.  The result of this assessment will form the Housing Site Assessment (HSA).

With public consultation, we will then consider how best to take the Plan forward in the summer.

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