NDP Referendum

The Independent Examiner has completed her inspection of our NDP. She is recommending that Herefordshire Council move it on to its referendum.

Here are Herefordshire Council’s NDP Information Statement OCLE_PYCHARD and NDP Notice of Referendum OCLE_PYCHARD.

Herefordshire Council will send out voting cards to electors, in the same way as they do for local government elections, to ask us this question:

Do you want Herefordshire Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Ocle Pychard Group to help it decide planning applications in the Neighbourhood Area?

The referendum date is 14th February 2019

The voting cards that Herefordshire Council send out will have the date and polling station location on them.


If our community chooses to accept the NDP it will become the local tier in the statutory planning framework:

National:   National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)
County:      Herefordshire Local Plan, Core Strategy
Local:         Neighbourhood Development Plan

This statutory planning framework governs the development and use of land in the area. When planning applications are made, they must be decided in accordance with this framework, unless there are overriding circumstances to the contrary.

What will the NDP deliver?

The Referendum NDP and its associated maps can be found on the following links:

Referendum NDP
Ocle Pychard Group Parish Policies Map
Burley Gate Village Policies Map
Ocle Pychard Village Policies Map
Ullingswick Village Policies Map

Some of the headlines are:

  • Community-focused control over development and land use.
  •  A permanent site for the village shop with off-road parking spaces.
  •  Five units of affordable housing aimed at local residents.
  • Wider pavements and a controlled road crossing in Burley Gate.
  •  Community Action targets.

What has the NDP already delivered?

Although the NDP has not yet been accepted, since it was submitted to Herefordshire Council last May, the planning authority have already taken it into account when deciding some recent planning applications.

In particular it has been exercised in applications that were trying to develop new build housing in green field sites in open countryside:

  •  3 house application on A465 in Ocle Pychard.
  •  4 and 8 house applications near Crozen in Felton.

These applications were rejected as they did not follow the NDP.

It also helped restrict the Forge development in Burley Gate from twelve to five houses.

The Felton applications went to the Planning Committee of Herefordshire Council. The County Councillors on the committee were pleased that an NDP was giving good community-led guidance to them. It demonstrates that the NDP is already having effect in local planning decision making.


So, whichever way you vote,  please make sure you have your say by taking part in the NDP referendum.



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