One thought on “Agenda – 18th September 2018”

  1. Hi Emma,

    With reference to the agenda for the OGPC meeting on 18 September, I have the following comments:

    Item 4 Minutes of previous meeting:

    As referred to, in our comment on the draft minutes on the OPGPC website on 17 July, the statement that ‘as a document, the NDP cannot be used against the (polytunnel) application as it was to do with dwellings’ requires correction.

    Item 6 Planning Applications:

    The OPGPC representations on three applications are incorrectly labelled on the HC planning website as ‘comments’. OPGPC should have these corrected:

    181139 – should read ‘support’
    181295 – should read ‘object’
    182347 – should read ‘object’

    The label for another application (182191) had to be corrected earlier. The OGPC letters appear clear, so there seems to be a continuing ‘common mode’ failure in HC, the cause of which OPGPC should seek to have addressed to prevent further corrections having to be made.

    With regard to application 181139 at Ullingswick , I note that the decision notice and officer report refer throughout to OCP6 in the NDP when it is OPG6. I note the emphasis HC give to the NDP in their decision and trust they will also do so in respect of upholding OPGPC decisions on the other applications in the current planning application log, including application 182191 (Polytunnels) where the extent of environmental impact would be vastly more.

    Best regards

    Alan Debenham

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