Volunteers Call

In order to help the elderly, those self isolating or otherwise unable to get out and about for their daily essentials and/or dog walking, OPGPC have agreed to act as a clearing house for Volunteers.

We will provide Volunteers with a formal letter to allow them to buy for up to three of their neighbours.

We have already spoken with managers in: Co-Op, Bromyard; Tesco, Ledbury; Morrisons, Hereford, who have all agreed to accept them, and have sample letters to check people are bona fide volunteers

If you would like to help your neighbours, please use the Contact form on this web site to provide us with your name, location, and telephone numbers, plus up to three names of those who you would like to support and what services/help you could provide.

In return we’ll register you with the Parish Council and County Council and provide letters confirming your status, along with guidance.

We are limiting the number of people each Volunteer can support to ensure no one is racing all round the parishes (which would increase risk for everyone), and so that the supermarkets are kept on board.

Any queries, please do contact us.

Thank you !