Covid-19 Volunteers

OPGPC and MCGPC have been talking about how to co-ordinate local volunteers to help those self isolating.

Today we received a message from the County Council, which I copy below:-

As you are aware we have been developing a Talk Community Covid Response where we are sending every household in Herefordshire (88k) a letter focussed on the vulnerable people and the support they will need outside of their existing network.  We have a central coordination centre with a dedicated telephone line for vulnerable people and volunteers to contact us and we will then link them back into the community organisations.  There is already some fantastic community responses happening and the council can support the infrastructure through this response and provide community resilience.

Many of the wards and parishes have provided us with information of the community work being undertaken however there are some areas where we have little information, please do forward the team any community information on the email address below with the key coordinator.

The areas of support that will be coordinated are:

Urgent supplies
Picking up meds (DBS check needed)
Pet walking
Calling vulnerable people during this difficult time

People wishing to volunteer can register and vulnerable people needing support can register on the following link:, the dedicated telephone number will be fully live from Tuesday 24th March which is 01432 260027 and email address<>.

March 17th Council meeting

The March meeting of Ocle Pychard Group Parish Council will go ahead as scheduled 17th March, 7.30pm in Burley Gate Village Hall, unless we are not quorate (3 or more councillors). 

Members of the public are welcome to attend as per the law.

However, in the light of the current pandemic, we ask anyone with any symptoms to stay away. We will ensure that we maintain a suitable physical distance.

Should people want to ask questions of the council, but cannot attend for any reason, then send us the question by 5pm Tuesday and we will include it as part of “Correspondence Received” agenda item which I am minded to wrap into the public discussion agenda item.

The April meeting is TBC, but currently we are legally obliged to hold a meeting in May for the Annual Parish Meeting(s) for Felton, Ocle Pychard and Ullingswick. Obviously, should the government relax the legislation, or introduce new legislation that will also TBC.