NDP Residents’ Questionnaire. Have your say!

The NDP Residents’ Questionnaire is currently being distributed.

It is our chance to make our views known on how development should be managed in our parishes over the next 15 years. The questionnaire has multiple entry columns so that each member of the family over 16 years can have their say.

Please find time to fill it out and drop it off at the Burley Gate Community Shop before 30th November.

If you have any queries please contact us at ndp@oclepychardgroup-pc.gov.uk.

Once the responses have been collected and analysed, results will be published on this website.

Closure of Public Telephone Box – Ullingswick

The BT telephone box in Ullingswick is scheduled for closure.

BT are in a consultation process to close 132 telephone boxes in Hereford and Parish Councils have been contacted with regard to this.

All telephone boxes have notices placed on them.

At the next OPGPC meeting on 15th November, we will have an agenda item to discuss this issue.

Parish Councils have the option to adopt the structure of the telephone box for a £1 token fee. As many people will have read, former telephone boxes have been put to use for many public purposes. However, the council would be taking on a potential cost in terms of maintenance and insurance.

If anyone in Ullingswick has a proposal to bring forward to the council identifying to what purpose we could put it to, please contact a member of the council.