Thanks to all who came to the NDP Interactive Open Day

The NDP SG held their Interactive Open Day on 30th July.

Parishioners could place flags covering over 300 issues at any location in our three parishes.

In It to Pin It Activity

The turnout was 50 and over 140 flags were pinned on the three maps in various parts of the settlements. This information is now being recorded so that a report on public opinion can be drafted.

Thanks to everyone who came out to place flags on the maps.

Ocle Pychard FlagsUllingswick Flags

The information gleaned from the Open Day forms the basis of the next part of the NDP. A questionnaire will be designed to get more parishioner feedback on NDP topics, in particular those subjects arising from the Open Day. This questionnaire will be delivered to all parishioners probably during the autumn.


Herefordshire Council Budget Consultation

On July 29th Herefordshire Council launched its budget consultation for 2017/18 and is asking residents to participate and have their say.

Click here for:

OPGPC will be developing their budget during August, in preparation for discussion in the September and October meetings.

The OPGPC budget will include the likely results of the Herefordshire County Council budget reductions.