NDP: Herefordshire Council issues its Notice of Referendum

Herefordshire Council has issued its NDP Notice of Referendum OCLE_PYCHARD.

This states the NDP question that will be put to us and  defines the timetable for the referendum period.

The NDP Information Statement OCLE_PYCHARD describes, among other things, who is entitled to vote.

If you live in the Neighbourhood Area and want to vote, please ensure that you are on the electoral roll.

As with normal local election procedure, postal and proxy votes are supported.

NDP Referendum date: 14th February 2019

The Referendum will take place on 14th February 2019.  More details can be found on the Referendum page.

Here is Herefordshire Council’s NDP Information Statement OCLE_PYCHARD, notice for the referendum.

The NDP process is a lengthy one. The Path Ahead shows how it has progressed so far and shows the next steps through to completion.

Annual Meeting Agenda 15th May 2018

The Parish Council Annual Meeting will be held at Burley Gate Village Hall at 7.30pm

Press and public are welcome.

This is the agenda

Agenda 15th May 2018

Appendix 1 – Standing Orders 2018

Appendix 2 – Code of Conduct

Appendix 4 – Grant and Donation Policy – March 2018

Appendix 5 Financial Risk Assessment and Controls – May 2018

Appendix 5a – Risk Register – April 2018

Appendix 6 – Risk Management Policy Feb 2018

Appendix 7 – Publication Scheme – May 2018 – compressed

Appendix 8 – Complaints Procedure – April 2018

Appendix 9 – Asset Register – April 2018

Appendix 10 – Press and Media Policy – April 2018

Appendix 11 – Policy – January 2018

Appendix 12 – Data Protection Policy

Appendix 12a – Data Protection General Privacy Notice – May 2018

Appendix 12b – Data Protection Staff Privacy Notice – May 2018

Appendix 12c – Subject Access Request Form

Appendix 12d – Data Security Incident Procedure

Appendix 12e – Retention Schedule Parish Councils

Appendix 12f – Data Protection Consent Form – May 2018

Appendix 13 – Bullying & Harassment Policy – April 2018

Appendix 14 – Planning Policy Between Meetings Feb 2018

Appendix 15 – Grievance Disciplinary Procedure Policy March 2018

Appendix 16 – Health and Safety Policy – May 2018

Appendix 17 – Training and Development Policy – April 2018

Appendix 18 – Unacceptable Behaviour Policy – April 2018

Appendix 19 – Urgent Business Between Meetings Policy February 2018

Appendix 20 – Pre-Planning Discussion Policy – March 2018

Appendix 21 – Finance Report EOY 2017-2018

Appendix 22 – Finance Report May 2018

Appendices 23, 24 and 25 – Audit papers for website



Website updates

We are currently making some changes to the website over the next few days.

During the updates the website can still be used normally.

Some menu items and pages will be changed, making the website run more smoothly. We are listing the changes here to make the changes easier to follow.

  • A Contact Us option has been added to the main menu. The contact form has been moved here from the front page.
  • Agendas and minutes of council meetings can be referenced from a table on the Council Meetings page. This means that the Agenda, Minutes and Annual Meeting options can be removed from the main menu.
  • Policies, Registers and Finance have their own main menu options.
  • Add a Planning main menu option. It provides links to recent planning applications in our parishes.